Festivals are a celebration of life, art, and culture. ImagineX designs and produces festivals all around the world that are dedicated to building positive communities.

The team at ImagineX Productions has been working with communities around the world to develop and produce festivals of all sizes. From initial design, all the way through production, and continuous community engagement, we have the skills and expertise to execute any festival experience. Partner with us to design your full scale festival. Are you already producing a festival, but need more stellar producers, coordinators, managers, and staff? ImagineX has what you need!

Let’s discuss how we can work together:

Contact us at info@imaginexproductions.com

    • Virtual Platform Planning
    • Full Suite Event Operations + Logistics
    • Timeline Management
    • Finance Management
    • Marketing + Media Management
    • Technical Production Planning

    • Content Management
    • Speaker Management
    • Sponsor + Partner Management
    • Studio Operations
    • Complete Stakeholder Management
    • Gamification + SWAG Management

    • Copywriting + Communications
    • Sales + Promotion
    • Graphic Design Direction + Management
    • Strategic Meeting Management
    • Enhanced Data Collection
    • Unique Partnership Opportunities