About Us

At ImagineX Productions, we don’t just produce events, we design and curate innovative experiences that inspire community, connection, and creativity.

Collectively, our team has decades of experience in event production on both a large and small scale level. From corporate conferences to music festivals, from hackathons to fundraisers, from hiring mixers to fashion shows, we have done it all.

We believe that the use of imagination is the key to innovation. Here at ImagineX Productions we inspire the use of imagination in its rawest form to envision what could be, and then design and curate the event specific to our partners’ needs.

Conscious Event Management

Our leadership team has gone through extensive training in conscious leadership and we integrate holistic business practices into our event operations. This allows us to harness our full talent to support any project in various capacities.

Beyond City Limits

Our ImagineNetwork of partners and professionals allows us to produce events anywhere in the world both physically and digitally with virtual platforms.

High Hospitality Mindset

Everything that we do is done with impeccable service and incredible attention to detail. We will do everything we can to exceed expectations and ensure a most memorable experience.

Stress Relief

Think of us as the antidote to the stress and anxiety associated with event planning and management. Imagine X Productions assesses the needs of the entire project, then designs a comprehensive plan that works to meet the needs of everyone involved while also lowering levels of unwanted stress.

Global Network of Event Team Members

With our ImagiNetwork, we are connected with event professionals throughout the United States and the World. We are able to build a team in any location and produce an event of any size, in person or online.

Contact us at info@imaginexproductions.com