Staffing experiences that inspire.

We believe our teams are special and talented people and when brought together consciously and inspired to do the best they can, they can be the best team you have ever had.

We believe that if you give your event team the best experience possible, they will do the best work they can possibly do and so we operate with this philosophy. Our teams are continuously some of the best event-producing teams around and they have the best time doing the work. Let’s work together and create teams that inspire.


    • Team Design
    • Budget Planning
    • Resource Allocation
    • Compliance Planning
    • Business Development


    • Admin Management
    • HR Planning
    • Recruitment
    • Job Descriptions
    • Application Management


    • Leadership
    • Clock In/Clock Out
    • Incident Management
    • HR Lead
    • Payroll + Accounting

The ImagiNetwork

Global Network of Event Team Members

With our ImagiNetwork, we are connected with event professionals throughout the United States and the World. We are able to build a team in any location and produce an event of any size, in person or online.

We Value


Trained professionals

Global reach

High hospitality mindset

Teams that inspire