An event model designed to curate innovation and connect the creators of the future.

We are the only full scale event planning and production company that also specializes in hackathons, and have worked with some of the top developer events in the country. We work with the hackathon model to design events that bring people together, inspiring participants to collaborate, create, and solve. Not only do we produce these events with flawless execution, but we also aim to design an overall experience that truly motivates everyone to want to participate and work to their fullest potential.

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We can work with you to design your hackathon.

This event model can be used in any industry. Let’s think of a way we can help you innovate and solve issues with the production of a hackathon.

We can operate your hackathon for you.

Having a team of event professionals who know just what it takes to put on a hackathon is essential. The ImagineX Team has produced in-person hackathons with attendance over 1,000 people and sponsors that include Microsoft, HP, SAP, and IBM. We know what you need.

Put your technology in the hands of the right people.

Birthed out of the computer era, a hackathon is the perfect way to get developers and other enthusiasts working directly with your technology. Let’s design the perfect hackathon for you.

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