With ImagineX, Conference and trade show management is enjoyable as we achieve your goals and desired results.

Conferences and trade shows have been at the forefront of innovation and human connection for 1000’s of years. Whether you are a company and want to hold a memorable gathering connecting your community, or a brand looking to showcase yourselves as leaders of any particular industry, ImagineX will work with you to design, develop, and execute a conference of any size, aligned with your overall marketing and business development strategies. Even if you already have a conference planned and in the works, but need a team of dedicated event professionals to handle all of the event logistics and execution, ImagineX has what you need.

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your conference run correctly
your conference run correctly

    • Virtual Platform Planning
    • Full Suite Event Operations + Logistics
    • Timeline Management
    • Finance Management
    • Marketing + Media Management
    • Technical Production Planning

    • Content Management
    • Speaker Management
    • Sponsor + Partner Management
    • Studio Operations
    • Complete Stakeholder Management
    • Gamification + SWAG Management

    • Copywriting + Communications
    • Sales + Promotion
    • Graphic Design Direction + Management
    • Strategic Meeting Management
    • Enhanced Data Collection
    • Unique Partnership Opportunities