About Us

Imagine: “to form mental images of things not present to the senses;
use the imagination.”

X for Experience: ” to encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence); feel (an emotion).”

ImagineX Productions is more of a movement than a company,
we are working to inspire positive global impact via
the production of innovative experiences.

At ImagineX Productions, we don’t just produce events, we design and curate innovative experiences that inspire community, connection, and creativity.

Collectively, our team has decades of experience in event production on both a large and small scale level.
From Corporate Conferences to Music Festivals, from Hackathons to Fundraisers, from Hiring Mixers to Fashion Shows,
we have done it all. .

We believe that the use of imagination is the key to innovation.
Here at ImagineX Productions we inspire the use of imagination in its rawest form to imagine what could be,
and then design and curate the event specific to our partners’ needs.

Global Network of Event Team Members

We are connected with event professionals throughout North and Central America. We are able to build a team in any location, to produce an event of any size. To find out more about our global network, contact info@imaginexproductions.com