About Us

Imagine: to form mental images of things not present to the senses; use the imagination.

X: Experience: encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence); feel (an emotion).


We are not your typical event planning company

At ImagineX, we don’t just produce events, we design and produce innovative experiences that inspire community, connection, and creativity. We work with you to create an event specifically tailored to the requested audience with maximum impact. Together, we imagine the possibilities of your vision and turn it into an interactive event experience.

The experience comes with experience

Our team combined has over almost two decades of experience in event production on both a large and small scale level. From Corporate Conferences to Music Festivals, from Hackathons to Fundraisers, from Hiring Mixers to Fashion Shows, we have done it all. We are excited to work with unique individuals, one of a kind brands, and innovative companies that wish to have their idea turned into an interactive reality.

Imagination used in it’s rawest form

We believe that the use of imagination is the key to innovation. Here at ImagineX we inspire the use of imagination in its rawest form to imagine what could be, and then design and curate the event specific to our partners needs by imagining the most innovative way to connect partner, audience, and community.

Meet The Team

Ric Victores

Ric Victores

Co-Founder, Executive Producer


Saxony Owen


Co-Founder, Executive Producer


Mason Dunn

Mason Dunn

Lead Project Manager


The story of ImagineX Productions, so far…

Years ago, Ric and Saxony met while working to get their degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management in one of the tourist capitals of the world, San Francisco. Their emphasis was in Meeting, Conventions, and Events and while at San Francisco State University, they founded their first venture, Cooperative Event Planning. This was a completely student-led organization that focused on providing free event planning services to organizations in need both on and off campus.

Through their time in college, Ric also traveled the country promoting and managing departments for large scale Music Festivals and Saxony managed Weddings throughout California.

After graduating, Ric and Saxony worked to create a first event planning business that did not get up off the ground. Broke and so ready to launch into the professional event planning world, Ric took up a role as Head of Operations for a startup that focused on producing Developer Conferences and Events throughout the country, DevNetwork. He did not take the role without the guarantee that Saxony would have a major part in the production of the events. And so this was the beginning of Ric and Saxony producing tech events around the country. Through this time, they also both worked on many side projects, mainly with festival and entertainment focused events that were purposed to inspire positive global impact.

While at DevNetwork, Ric was given the option of 1) taking a raise in salary or 2) hiring another team member to manage projects throughout the productions. He happily accepted the latter option, hired on Mason and that was the beginning of what would be ImagineX Productions. Fast forward to 2015 and as DevNetwork had finally grown to a point where multiple roles were needed in order to execute the productions, Ric left his full-time position at DevNetwork, and together He and Saxony launched ImagineX Productions and partnered with Mason as a Lead Project Manager. Together now not only did they get to produce some of the top Developer focused events in the country, but they were also able to bring on new partners and do many more events.

ImagineX Productions, their third venture together is the culminations of over almost a combined two decades of work in the event planning and production industry. What was once a team of two, which grew to three has now turned into a community of dozens of event producers spanning multiple countries, all working together to produce events that do good for the planet.

This story is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more 🙂


Global Network of Producers

We are connected with Event Professionals around North and South America. We are able to build a team in any location, to produce an event of any size. To join the ImagineX Global Producer Team, contact info@imaginexproductions.com